Fund Raisers

Department of Oklahoma President’s Fundraiser


  • American Legion Auxiliary Bags $10.00
  • Adult Bibs $20.00 each Twelve different designs
  • Walker Bags, for walker, shopping carts, baby strollers and other things. $25.00 each, five designs.

Shipping charge is $5.00 per item All funds raised will stay in our Department.


Quilt to be given at 2018 Convention

This handmade queen size quilt is in our auxiliary colors. Donations are $1.00 each ticket or 6 tickets for $5.00.
Drawing will be on Saturday in July 2018 at the Department convention.

Tickets information will be available at the Department of Oklahoma Office 



The books are $20.00 each (Shipping is free) This is a collection of 950+ recipes, it has something to appeal to both genders and all ages. There is quite a selection of sugar-free recipes, a few gluten-free recipes, information on outdoor cooking, lots of “How To’s” and much, much more. Help ALA raise money to fund the mission we are on.
​To order, contact the Department of Oklahoma Office at :

405-252-4143 (new phone number)