Cookbook. Perfect gift for the beginner and experienced cook

The front section of the Cook Book is a wealth of information.  It has things such as sugar substitute conversion, uses for vinegar and skin so soft, how to use a dutch oven, how to remove stains, and on and on.  Perfect for the new cook, and also for older cooks who need to refer to the ‘wiki’ type information.

This three ring style allows for adding pages if you wish, and it also holds a stand to hold the cookbook upright while you are cooking.

This is a collection of 950+ recipes, it has something to appeal to both genders and all ages. There is quite a selection of sugar-free recipes, a few gluten-free recipes, information on outdoor cooking, lots of “How To’s” and much, much more. Help ALA raise money to fund the mission we are on.

The books are $20.00 each (Shipping is free)
​To order, contact the Department of Oklahoma Office at 405-252-4143 (new phone number) or email:

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