Constitution and By Laws Contest!!


Charlene Marshall has issued this challenge to all of our Auxiliary members.


As proud as we are to be Americans and members  of the American Legion Auxiliary, we need to be proud of our heritage. 

Just as we have the original US Constitution on display in Washington, D.C., we need to be aware of the original Constitution and ByLaws of the Department of Oklahoma.

This is an announcement of a contest starting now and ending at the July Conference of the Department of Oklahoma.  We are searching for a copy of the oldest Constitution and By Laws of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Oklahoma.  Prize will be $10 for whomever brings the oldest version they can find.  

Charlene has determined the very first one was probably written around 1920.  I found a mention of the American Legion Constitution of 1919 in the Oklahoma University Library.

So dig into your old memorabilia, you researchers blow the dust off old book and papers, and check every nook and cranny to find the oldest version we can find.  If you bring an original copy of the original Dept of OK constitution and bylaws, I will personally double the prize to $20.  






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