Oklahoma City VA Hospital Needs

Needs List

The Oklahoma City VA Hospital voluntary services provide patients with many comfort items starting with free coffee and donuts each morning.  Veterans across the state travel to this hospital to receive medical care and services; some have to stay for unscheduled procedures.  Other hospitals provide patients with comfort items for a price, but VA facilities are not given this luxury.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and needed.

Items always in need:

  • Tooth paste and brushes
  • denture cleaner and containers
  • deodorant
  • body wash
  • bar soap
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • razors double blade
  • combs
  • hair brush
  • hand lotion
  • sanitizers (small containers work best).
  • *Tee-shirts and underwear, *sweat pants and shirts (all sizes – new).  
  • Cafeteria and/or canteen gift cards (for out of town family members).
  • Books and/or magazines.

Volunteers are always welcome there is a place for everyone who wishes to volunteer.  The hospital’s chief of voluntary services Richard Maxie has asked that members NOT donate money to the hospital voluntary service department.  There is too much red tape involved to receive those types of donations.

If you have specific items you would like to donate but are unable to purchase you may earmark donations for the OKC VA Hospital through the ALA Department of Oklahoma Headquarters and specify what you want your donations to go towards – example 20 – $5.00 cafeteria gift cards for a cost of $100.00.   All monetary donations given to the Oklahoma City VA Hospital need to go through the ALA Department Headquarters mail to:   American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Oklahoma, 917 NW 92nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK  73114.

Voluntary service representatives are:

Chief of Voluntary Services:                                      Voluntary Services assistant:

Richard Maxie                                                            Chrystal Yahola

richard.maxie@va.gov  (405) 456-5162                  crystal.yahola@va.gov (405) 456-5162

The OKC VA Hospital web site is:  https://www.oklahoma.va.gov/visitors/campus.asp

You can follow events on the hospitals face book at:  OK VA Volunteers

If your donations are given directly to the hospital be sure to send a Donation Report Form for all individual, Unit or American Legion Post donations to Department Headquarters.


Debbie Bertolasio

9906 Hefner Village Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK  73162

(405) 229-6522


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