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The Auxiliary at Work


Honor our Female Veterans

For Female Veterans who join as new members for the 2018 Membership Year, the national portion of dues ($9.00) will be waived for their first year of membership.  Most State Departments and Units also are waiving the 2018 dues.

 Verify the new member’s eligibility
 Submit her application and department dues to your department. Indicate on her application that this member is part of the “Honor Our Female Veterans” program.

 Enter the new member into ALAMIS as a pending member. Be sure to mark her eligibility as “Self” if the new member is eligible in her own right or the appropriate eligibility category.
 Email membership@ALAforVeterans.org with “Honor Female Veterans” in the subject line
 In the body of the email, list the member’s Name, Unit Number, and Department
 National Headquarters’ Membership Division will process the new member’s application to show her as an active member.

Email National Membership Division at membership@ALAforVeterans.org